Concerts in 2020

Music of the Poets

Saturday 29th February
St Luke's Church, Wellsway, Bath


A concert inspired by the writers named in the Poets Corner avenues in Bath

  • Shakespeare
    • Full Fathom Five - Charles Wood
    • The Cloud Capp’d Towers - Ralph Vaughan Williams
    • Over Hill, Over Dale - Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Shelley
    • Music, When Soft Voices Die - C Hubert H Parry
    • Ozymandias* - S R Caradon
  • Byron
    • Deep in My Soul - Edward Elgar
  • Milton
    • Blest Pair of Sirens - C Hubert H Parry
  • Longfellow
    • Stars of the Summer Night - John Liptrot Hatton
    • As Torrents in Summer - Edward Elgar
  • Kipling
    • Big Steamers - Edward Elgar
  • Chaucer
    • The Wife of Bath* - Patrick Williams
  • Finale from John Rutter's Birthday Madrigals
    • It Was a Lover and his Lass (Shakespeare)
    • My True Love Hath My Heart (Philip Sidney)
    • When Daisies Pied (Shakespeare, George Peele)

* New works composed by Cappella Nova members


Charity concert in aid of Julian House

Subsequent concerts and church services were cancelled due to the developing Coronavirus pandemic

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